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  • School Info.
    School Information

    • School Level:

      High school.

      i A secondary school offering the final years of high school work necessary for graduation, usually including grades 10, 11, 12 (in a 6-3-3 plan) or grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 (in a 6-2-4 plan).

    • From:

      9th Grade.
    • To:

      12th Grade.
    • Type:

      Regular school.

      i A public elementary/secondary school providing instruction and education services that does not focus primarily on special education, vocational/technical education, or alternative education, or on any of the particular themes associated with magnet/special program emphasis schools.

    • Private/Public:

      Public School.

      i A school or institution controlled and operated by publicly elected or appointed officials and deriving its primary support from public funds.

    • District Name:

      Montgomery County Public Schools.

      i An education agency at the local level that exists primarily to operate public schools or to contract for public school services. Synonyms are “local basic administrative unit” and “local education agency.”

  • Demo­gra­phics
    School Demographics

    • 1185

      Total Students

      i Annual headcount of students enrolled in school on October 1 or the school day closest to that date. In any given year, some small schools will not have any students.

    • 63.5

      Classroom Teachers

    • 18.66

      Students/Teachers Ratio

      i The number of students per one teacher in the school.

  • Address & Contact
    School Address

    • Address:

      17501 W Willard Rd | Poolesville 20837.
    • County/State:

      Montgomery County MD.
    • Urban locale:

      Fringe town.

      i Territory inside an urban cluster that is less than or equal to 10 miles from an urbanized area.

    • Website:

    • Phone:

      (240) 740-2400
    • Mailing Address:

      17501 W Willard Rd
  • Other info.
    Other Information

    • Online/Virtual school:


      i The school does not offer any virtual instruction

    • Charter School:


      i Charter school is a publicly funded school that is typically governed by a group or organization under a legislative contract—a charter—with the state, district, or other entity.

    • Magnet School:


      i A magnet school or program is a special school or program designed to: attract students of different racial/ethnic backgrounds for the purpose of reducing, preventing, or eliminating racial isolation; and/or to provide an academic or social focus on a particular theme (e.g., science/math, performing arts, gifted/talented, or foreign language).

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